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Capturing phosphate runoff is more efficient than fighting algae

Innovative, cost-effective, economically feasible, environmentally inert technology to remove excess phosphorus from water to concentrations low enough to prevent algae and microbial growth.

The technology proven in European water treatment systems offers an efficient and economic prevention of harmful algae blooms in surface waters and of biofilm growth and Legionella problems in water installations.

Algae are an important food source for aquatic ecosystems, but too many algae result in ecological and economic damage. Algae masses in freshwater systems are triggered by too much phosphorus in the water.

Algae blooms can create potent toxins that can harm people, pets, and life stock. Algae blooms lead to closures of recreational and commercial uses of surface waters, affecting tourism, fisheries, and increasingly also drinking water resources.

Applications of BioPhree® Phosphorus Removal & Recpature

BioPhree® systems are economically scalable from low- volume industrial use-water applications over agricultural runoff to large-scale natural surface waters and provide environmentally friendly phosphorus removal in:

  • Natural and man-made surface waters and ponds suffering from algae blooms
  • Agricultural runoff and canal flow to prevent phosphate pollution
  • Industrial use water and reservoirs to prevent algae and microbial growth
  • Wastewater & storm water upgrade and reuse (reclaimed water)
  • Water distribution systems to maintain sterility and avoid microbial growth
  • Hospitals, ships, HVAC, and industrial systems to prevent Leginella and microbial growth

Patent-pending BioPhree® phosphorus removal is a purely physical, environmentally inert process and uses no harsh chemicals, produces no waste streams, and creates no emissions or odors.

BioPhree® treatment removes particulate and dissolved phosphorus from treatment water to very low concentrations and recaptures the phosphorus for later re-use, such as in fertilizer applications.

The BioPhree® Advantages

BioPhree® technology offers cost-effective and efficient phosphorus removal and recapture with low operating costs and small environmental footprint through the advantages of:

  • Proven technology, consistently low (<10 ppb-P) phosphorus effluent irrespective of inflow
  • Economically scalabe, hundreds to several millions of gallons per day of water treated
  • Small footprint (1 million gallons per day on 10 ft diameter x 10 ft hight)
  • Low Energy Use
  • No waste streams, emissions, odors, consumables, liquid waste
  • Low operating costs, no costly consumables, no additional labor costs
  • Low-cost regeneration of adsorbent material for extended lifetime
  • Recapture & recycling of phosphorus as value-added product
  • Clean operation without messy precipitates, crystallization, or sludge handling

The BioPhree® Solution

Over the last years and with Dutch partners, we developed our BioPhree® technology that decreases phosphorus concentrations to less than 10 ppb even under high-phosphorus inflow. Long-term field tests demonstrated BioPhree® efficiency and success and led to commercial application in the cooling water industry.

Economically scalable phosphorus removal from small (10-100+ of gallons per day) to large (10+ million gallons per day) sizes with integrated phosphorus recovery for phosphorus re-use.



BioPhree® selected by international expert panel as finalist for Everglades Foundation «Grand Challenge» $10 million final stage of the George Barley Water Prize.


BioPhree® technology wins European Union program «Bonus Return» for phosphate capture and re-use to improve Baltic Sea water quality.


BioPhree® solution wins 2nd place among 104 entries in Stage 2 of the Everglades Foundation $10 million George Barley Water Prize and is selected as one of 10 competitors moving ahead to Stage 3 in Canada in spring 2018.


Our patent-pending BioPhree® solution for commercial phosphorus removal receives trademark protection.


Green Water Solution launches phosphate removal pilot project in collaboration with the Town of Smithfield, VA drinking water facility and demonstrates a 99.7% phosphate reduction in outflow.

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