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Solutions for Phosphorus Removal

Preventing Harmful Algae Blooms

Algae blooms disrupt ecosystems and economies and pose a health threat to people, pets, livestock, and drinking water supplies. Freshwater algae blooms are caused by excess phosphate in the water. BioPhree® can remove phosphorus from large volumes of surface waters in economically scalable ways to prevent the formation of algae blooms. Learn more....

Realizing the worldwide increasing challenge to freshwater ecosystems and drinking water supplies by algae blooms, the Everglades Foundation administers the George Barley Water Prize in search of innovative, economically feasible solutions to remove excess phosphate from surface waters. Our BioPhree® solution participates in this competition.

Green Ponds Don't Need To Be

Chemical treatments of green ponds do not address the underlying problem and present only a temporary solution - until the next chemical treatment. Meanwhile, environmentally questionable, at best, and toxic chenicals accumulate in your pond's sediments. Why chemical pond treatment cannot provide a lasting solution learn more...

Preventing Biofouling in Industrial Insallations

Microbial biofilm formation, or biofouling, on industrial installations such as cooling towers, heat exchangers, or membrane systems can adversely affect system efficiency and operation. BioPhree® treatment removes phosphate to such low concentrations that prevent microbial growth and biofilm formation. Learn more...

BioPhree® water treatment removes and inhibits biofilm fouling in cooling towers. Left: cooling tower fill with heavy biofilm fouling. Right: same grid after 12 months use of BioPhree® treated cooling water, no visible biofilm fouling.

Preventing Legionella Outbreaks in Water Systems

About 6,000 people contract Legionnaires' Disease (Pontiac Fever) per year in the USA, of which 10% of cases are lethal, as the CDC reports. Most common sources of Legionella are cooling towers and domestic water systems (e.g., showers). Legionella lives inside of amoeba, which in turn feed on bacteria in the biofilm from biofouling inside the water systems. Field tests and targeted laboratory challenges demonstrated that BioPhree® treatment can effectively prevent Legionella growth. More information coming soon.

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